Elsters splendour

From a weaver village to a renowned spa location...

  • An adventure for big and small:
    the entertaining exhibit in the Saxon Baths museum

The exhibit of "Elster's splendour" on display in the bright rotunda illustrates the historical dimensions of this development within European spa culture. The heyday of the Sächsische Staatsbad are presented in a playful and impressive manner, and interesting stories of and about the famous spa location are told: prominent guests and patrons, architectural and cultural history, as well as municipal distinctions are told to visitors in a fascinating and modern museum production, which turns your visit into an adventuresome, historical discovery tour.

While conceptualising the exhibit, it was important to show guests and visitors the history of Bad Elster as an exciting, playful time travel journey. The Royal Saxon splendour of the history, paired with a "lovingly charming delusion of grandeur, were valuable aspects that contribute to the visit. With modern multi-media installations, a very successful "architectural reel" and an artistic garden game, historical and architectural features can be experienced within the exhibit. Visitors may also reflect famous guests and be entertained by sanguine episodes from the edge of society.

You have to experience it!