Permanent exhibit »Elster's shine & springs of health«

Since 2009, one of the oldest museums in the Vogtland presents itself as the "Saxon Baths museum Bad Elster" with a brand new permanent exhibit in the former salt spring of the KunstWandelhalle Bad Elster. 

The exhibit is divided into two themes, which depict the long-standing Saxon state bath and its development "From a weavers' village to an international spa". Since the festive opening of this exhibit, Chrisine Clauß, Saxon Minister for Social Affairs, is the patroness.

The permanent exhibit will be enhanced by alternating special exhibits KunstWandelhalle.

Elster's Splendour

The town's development from a weaver village to a renowned spa location

Quellen der Gesundheit

Geheimnisvolle Wasser- und Moorwelt